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How Do Experts Use Twitter for Business?

Posted By abod on December 2nd, 2011

A lot of people think that Twitter is just a waste of time and that all of the “tweeting” is just a lot of noise that distracts them from getting real work done.

Here are a few basic uses for Twitter:”>twitter can help grow your businessCustomer Support: Monitoring what is being said about your business and responding if necessary.

  • Creating Buzz: If you’re launching a new product or service, let everyone know about it. Consider Twitter as a way of distributing special offers in order to spread the word.
  • Establish Authority: Position yourself as a subject matter expert so people will listen to you and come to you for advice (and business!)

    I also asked some heavy Twitter users to chime in on how they use the social media network personally and in their business. Here is what they had to say:


    twitter helps you make useful connections

    Shoshanna Jaskoll, Co-founder of Reach 3k (@skjask): I’ve met & been introduced to so many people I’d never have met before and people l are so so helpful on twitter. People introduce me to others who they feel I’d like to know or work with. And I get to meet all kinds.


    Brittany Morse, Online Marketing Specialist at Sprout Social, Inc. (@britmorse): From my personal experience, examples of businesses who have surprised me with their Twitter use are:

    - PopChips Chicago (@popchipsChicago) – A coworker of mine tweeted that she was bummed that we had run out of PopChips at the office. Within 30 minutes, a huge box of PopChips had arrived at our door with a hand-written note thanking her for tweeting about them. Talk about acting quickly on a comment! While I had originally felt ambivalent towards the company, their social media manager totally changed my view and I’m now a huge fan – primarily because they took advantage of the opportunity to connect! They continue to engage with other users and respond to tweets quickly.

    twitter helps your business get in touch with customers- Ramon DeLeon of Domino’s Pizza (@Ramon_DeLeon) – Ramon manages a number of the social media accounts for Domino’s in Chicago. He’s done an exceptional job to help shift the public’s opinion of the pizza chain through social media engagement and use of videos. He even teamed up with a Twitter-using cabbie (@ChicagoCabbie) to deliver free pizzas to followers (which you can watch at ).

    I think the key to a strong Twitter presence, as demonstrated by both PopChips and Domino’s, is to take advantage of those online conversations (since they ARE happening) surrounding your brand and connect with the customer on a personal level. If you can find a way to do that, you have a customer for life.

    How to Find Jobs Through Social Media – Jacob Share

    Posted By abod on December 1st, 2011

    It’s no secret that the economy is lousy in the United States and Europe, and that means that competition for job openings are higher than ever. With everyone jumping on the social media bandwagon, it seems like a logical place to post and look f

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    or jobs. But you can waste your valuable job searching time and energy without a plan. I interviewed job search expert and blogging guru Jacob Share for his top tips on maximizing LinkedIn and Twitter for hunting job openings.


    1. LinkedIn is clearly the most professionally-oriented major social network. But with apps like BeKnown for Facebook, job searches on Twitter, and emerging startups like Zerply also trying to be a job resource, do you think that will change?

    There are definitely competitors salivating to become the next LinkedIn, but so far I don’t see any serious competition; LinkedIn is still the default place to post your resume online, and the default place that recruiters go to search for resumes online.

    According to a recent article, LinkedIn principally makes money 3 ways:

    1. Selling recruitment services to employers
    2. Selling premium advertising, and
    3. Selling premium subscriptions to employers and users.

    Of the options you mentioned, only BeKnown has the potential to take some of that business from LinkedIn, but while the concept of sourcing candidates via Facebook is attractive to recruiters, there isn’t yet much motivation for non-job seeking users to use BeKnown and it will take a large push from Facebook itself to convince most of its users that it’s also a professional place to be for them.

    2. What are your top tips for getting found in your niche on LinkedIn?

    To be found, you need to understand how you’re being looked for.


    Less sophisticated recruiters and HR managers on LinkedIn will search by querying various keywords plucked from their job description, coupled with a search filter on location, to find relevant candidates in the area.

    The more sophisticated recruiters and HR managers have tools that search LinkedIn querying for various keywords with long, complicated queries that are designed to only find fewer, more relevant candidates. Then they will use their Talent-level LinkedIn accounts to filter them again and then contact them directly.

    In other words, for recruiters, pertinent keywords in your Public Profile and personal information are how you’re going to be found.

    So when you start your job search, make sure your profile contains the right keywords. And what are they? Take 5 job listings that appeal to you and create one big Wordle with their texts. The largest words are a good start for your keywords.


    Everyone else that might find you is a non-recruiter, and they will find you if you have a memorable personal brand.

    The idea is that by smartly building your brand on LinkedIn, other users who know of relevant openings will think “wow, Jacob would be the perfect person for that position. I wonder if he’d be interested?”

    The way to build your brand on LinkedIn is to:

    1. Have a Public profile that showcases your achievements in your niche
    2. Connect and help other users, especially in your niche (but not only!)
    3. Be an active participant in niche LinkedIn groups
    4. Ask and answer questions that show off your expertise in LinkedIn

    For more ideas on finding jobs with LinkedIn, read my Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn.


    3. Larger companies generally have more resources to dedicate to social media and even create separate twitter accounts for their job postings, thus making them pretty easy to find, but how can a job hunter use twitter to find jobs in smaller companies, or openings that aren’t blasted out to thousands of other people?

    First of all, Twitter Search is only good for real-time search. Instead, one tip that I talk about in my Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide is to use Google to search Twitter’s tweet archive, and its Advanced Search filters for better results. For example, Twitter Search only includes tweets from the past 10 days. Using Google, you can find relevant job listings that were posted 11 days ago and beyond.

    As you correctly point out, larger companies have larger budgets and will try to do things in a more rigorous, professional way, using automation tools that will post job listings on Twitter using a standard format. Smaller companies, on the other hand, will simply tweet out what they’re looking for using more common language such as “we need a …” or “looking to hire a … “. You can then use a tool like LocaFollow to search for similar tweets in a certain location, i.e. where you’re looking to work.

    4. When job searching through social media, a person is likely to come across offers from companies they are unfamiliar with. What are some precautions you can take to make sure you don’t get

    The first rule of not being scammed is that if it’s too good to be true, it probably is. So if anything sets off alarm bells in your head, skip it. There really are other leads. Don’t set yourself up for a fall; job search is hard enough as it is.

    The second rule is to do a background check. Read up on the company’s website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Google+ page, etc. Are actual employees portrayed there, with names and pictures? If so, look for them on the social networks, especially LinkedIn, where you can often also find former employees, who are less constrained in what they have to say about the company and might be more willing to give you inside information.

    As you can tell, this background check also serves as great research for potential interview questions you could ask, if the opening really is legitimate.

    I’ve also blogged about why job search spam should scare you.

    ultimate twittr job search guide jaocb share


    Thanks Jacob! You can check out his Gigantic Tips Guide for Finding Jobs With LinkedIn and Ultimate Twitter Job Search Guide for more tips on getting the most out of LinkedIn and Twitter in your job search.

    Facebook, the Great Copycat – Web Weekly

    Posted By abod on September 19th, 2011

    Facebook Keeps Rolling Out Features

    I haven’t been writing much about Facebook lately in the “Web Weekly” because it’s been mostly everyone else who has been innovating. Facebook is the great copycat, as Farhad Manjoo of Sla

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    te noted this week in praise of Facebook’s “thievery” — that is, taking ideas from the competition, and implementing them expertly.

    Much to the annoyance of those who use Facebook for marketing, Mark Zuckerberg and friends change the settings for creating apps and pages pretty frequently, but the regular ol’ user interface doesn’t change too frequently. Not so this week. Lots of little windows and new sidebars are advertising some new features of the smart friends list on FacebookFacebook experience that when given a little thought, are not that new in and of themselves.

    • Smart Friend List – a counter to the Google+ circles, you can now organize your friends a lot more efficiently, and Facebook even takes a stab at sorting some of them out for you.
    • Subscribe – a feature mimicking Twitter, which lets you follow other users, getting updates on your News Feed, even if you aren’t mutually “friends”facebook subscribe button (LinkedIn also lets you “follow” people who aren’t mutual connections)

    Some older features that also copy other social networks:

    • Check-ins – works a lot like Foursquare
    • Deals – now defunct, but a Groupon ripoff
    • Questions – like Quora
    • Video Calling – like Google’s “Hangouts” (this doesn’t appear to be active yet in my account though)

    Twitter Launches Analytics

    Now you can finally really mine Twitter for information about who and what is getting tweeted. So far, only a small test group have access, but we now know that more than 3 million pages have the Tweet button. Read Write Web has all the details on Twitter analytics.
    BeKnown Releases Mobile App

    I wrote about BeKnown, a “LinkedIn for Facebook” app a few months ago when it first came out, and I wasn’t sure how it could really prove its worth amid all of the social networking noise, but BeKnown must be growing, because it launched a mobile app this past week (perhaps on the heels of LinkedIn’s mobile relaunch?). ReadWriteWeb gave the BeKnown mobile app a scathing review.

    I think the real question that needs to be asked is “why bother” when LinkedIn is pretty easy to use.


    Google+1 to Impact Search Results
    There has been a lot of curiosity surrounding the Google+ network’s influence on its search rankings. Now some of the mystery has been revealed. Wired reported that Google is planning into integrate the crowdsourcing of “+1″ on an article to its search results rankings, couching it as an anti-spam measure. The thought of allowing people (and spammers) to influence rankings has a lot of people up in arms, but Google assured Wired that +1 would be one in a list of at least 200 factors affecting Google’s algorithm, and we still don’t know how heavily this factor will be weighted. Alas, much of the mystery remains after all.


    Other Headlines:

    • Carol Bartz Resigns From Yahoo Board, after being fired as CEO last week, despite saying earlier that she would stay. (New York Times)
    • Mashable Grows – Social media news powerhouse Mashable is expanding to include national, international, and entertainment news (New York Times)
    • YouTube Features Expand – You can now edit your videos even better after uploading to YouTube (New York Times)
    • Linux Celebrates 20th Birthday! (Mashable)

    Cool Tools of the Week:

    • OnYourOwnInfo – Securely store health, insurance, auto, property, and all other kinds of personal records (Hat tip: ReadWriteWeb)
    • Google Flight Search -You feel like you’re in slightly more capable hands, at least when planning your next trip, with this sensible, quick flight search tool. So far it’s only handling domestic U.S. flights.

    Web Weekly: Promoted Tweets Work, Google+ Business Profile Testing

    Posted By abod on September 5th, 2011

    New Research Demonstrates the Power of Branding Through Twitter

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    solid black; margin: 5px;” title=”promoted_tweets_screengrab” src=”” alt=”image of a promoted tweet” width=”398″ height=”110″ />Don’t think that Twitter can grow your business? It turns out that all of the business account tweeting is absorbed and even welcomed by the Twitter community. An article by eMarketer and Lab42 showed that nearly 90% of Twitter users follow brands. They also said that they don’t mind promoted tweets, which is when a Tweet that is paid for rests in the prime real estate of the top of a user’s feed. Only a little over 10 percent of users said that they found these promoted tweets annoying. Many users said that they in fact found promoted tweets to be helpful, and 14 percent reported actually retweeting a promoted tweet!

    Read the full report on how social media users engage with marketers on Twitter at


    Google Shuffles Around Its Products

    Google announced that it is cancelling Fast Flip, Sidewiki, Aardvark and Subscribed Links. Meanwhile, some of its “Labs” applications have graduated to full members of the Google Empire. Search Engine Land gives a run down on the comings and goings of each of the Google products shuffling around.


    Google+ Tests Out Brand Accounts

    One of the things that followers of Google+ are most curious about is when and how business profiles will roll out. To get a preview, you can check out some business profiles in testing before release. Go to your Google + profile, edit the profile, then cycle thru the alphabet in the “employer” field. As far as I know, it only works in the Chrome browser. This video shows you a demonstration:


    LinkedIn Via E-mail

    It’s annoying to be composing and responding to messages across multiple platforms. That’s why I lot of heavy social media users work within a client like Hootsuite to view all of their feeds. But even that can’t cover everything. What about when someone sends you a message and you are notified via e-mail? Usually that means logging in, or clicking a link from the e-mail, and responding in a new window.

    Well now you can respond directly from your e-mail. Modeling a feature that Facebook rolled out a while ago that lets you respond to its messages by hitting “reply” in your e-mail client, you can now do the same on LinkedIn. When you receive a message that you want to respond to, it’s as simple as hitting “Reply” just like you would to return an e-mail message.

    respond via email to linkedin messages


    More Headlines:


    Cool Tools of the Week:

    • cool online tools of the week hammerThingLink creates an image map on steroids. This tool outlines linked areas and gives users a preview of what they’ll be clicking on, with additional information. No longer will users have to mouse over an image to see which areas are clickable. (Hat Tip – Digital Inspiration)
    • CloudLock helps you secure your Google Docs by providing more robust administrative controls. (Hat Tip: ReadWriteWeb)

    Web Weekly: Social Media Keeps Growing, Jobs Steps Down, Group Coupons on Decline

    Posted By abod on August 28th, 2011

    Social Media Growth Keeps Pace

    If you think social media is just for teenagers bored in class, you are wroooong, my friend. A Pew Internet survey released on Friday showed that viagra online uk

    azine” href=”,2817,2391975,00.asp%20-%20More%20than%20half%20Americans%20on%20social%20media”>65% of adults online say they use a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn. This number represents half of all American adults. The biggest growth was among middle-aged baby boomers, ages 50-64, whose social networking site usage on a typical day grew 60% (from 20% to 32%).


    steve jobs shows off the macbook airSteve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

    It’s unlikely that you’ve read it here first. Steve Jobs, who changed how we listen to music (iPod), display media (iPad), and expect computers to look (iMac) stepped down as the CEO of Apple, which grew from so much more than the producer of Macintosh computers to an entire media empire. For lifelong Apple product users like me, it’s the end of an era. But I expect the company to keep growing and innovating. I still wish I bought Apple stock 10 years ago.

    Probably the most popular Steve Jobs presentation was outside of Apple — his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University. Here is a presentation of 10 iconic Steve Jobs moments in video.


    Google+ Ignore Feature Enables Social Media Etiquette Without Going Crazy

    I recently ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a few years and found out that she had just moved to Israel. “Oh, aren’t we friends on Facebook”? I asked, recalling that I hadn’t seen a post from her in a long time. “You defriended me” she said, definitively. Awkward!

    I don’t remember why I might have done that, but let’s say there is someone you don’t want to be getting reports from all the time. Unlike “defriending” or “deplusing”(?) someone, Google+ now lets you ignore people. Much sneakier!


    Group Coupons on the Decline?

    I’ve heard from businesses participating in deals like Groupon that they dealt deep discounts to hundreds of people and disappointingly did not receive repeat customers in return. I often wondered if such deals benefit any participating businesses in the long run.

    For a while, Groupon and several localized spinoffs were proliferating all over the web. But a favorite local group coupon site GroopBuy mysteriously shut down toward the end of July. Now Search Engine Land is reporting that Facebook’s Social Deals is shutting down after only four months.

    Have you run a successful group coupon campaign?


    Hurricane Irene Tweeting Up a Storm (ha!)

    Hurricane Irene is now on Twitter @ireneThe hurricane traveling up the U.S. eastern seaboard en route to New York City has a name similar to mine, which is a bit disarming. I guess the Twitter username @irene hadn’t been registered until now, because if you follow @irene, you’ll get live updates from the storm — sometimes serious, sometimes snarky.


    LinkedIn Tips for Job Hunters and Networkers

    The Huffington Post published “13 Tips for Job Hunting on LinkedIn” with great visuals. I think it’s misnamed though. The tips are great for anyone looking to get more out of the social network.

    Is it just me though, or is the Huffington Post getting a little too button happy? Sometimes I can’t find the article on the page :) I tried leaving a comment on this post, and despite logging in through Twitter and Facebook, I kept getting a jQuery pop up to receive their newsletter and. I couldn’t proceed on to leaving a comment. Sometimes you just want simple functionality


    Great Expectations for Google+ Brand Accounts

    One of the biggest things distinguishing the social network newcomer from its peers at Facebook and Twitter is that businesses aren’t allowed accounts (yet), but Google confirmed that business accounts are in the works. Mashable posted a wish list of features that social media account managers said they’d like or expect to see in a brand account. Some of the most innovative were:

    What would you like to see from a Google+ brand account?


    Twitter Launches User Photo Galleries

    Expanding upon the release of direct photo uploads to the Twitter interface last week, Twitter is now rolling out photo galleries, reports Search Engine Land. This feature is designed to make searching images shared on Twitter a lot easier. I’m surprised that Twitter is making all of these changes to its interface given that most serious users use a third-party client such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or a mobile app. But tools like an effective photo search can bring people back to Twitter.


    Cool Tools of the Week:

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