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Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing Turns Some Users Off – Web Weekly

Posted By abod on November 22nd, 2011

Facebook’s Sneaky Sharing Meets Backlash

Have you noticed updates in your News Feed about what others are reading. Some applications, most notably the Washington Post Social Reader engage in “frictionless sharing,” posting activities, l

ike what news articles you’ve read, or what music you are listening to, without your explicitly deciding to share or “like” that bit of content.

Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb interprets this update as a new, improved, pe of sharing, making the case that “Facebook hasn’t ruined sharing, it’s just re-defined it.” Meanwhile, Deena Levenstein at the illuminea blog, explains that this development automates some of the process of sharing, which is convenient, but adds that frictionless sharing also integrates a high degree of “chutzpah”. Not liking the idea of everything you read being broadcast to your Facebook friends? She shows you how to change your settings.

In other Facebook news, you can now call Facebook friends from Skype, reports TheNextWeb.

Google Music Launches

U.S. users can now access Google Music, a service that lets you host up to 20,000 of your songs and stream them to your devices. Additionally, music shared on Google+ can be played by anyone in a user’s circles. Could this be a valuable enough lure to get more users onboard Google+?

More Headlines:

Brin Donates Half Million Dollars to Wikipedia: Google co-founder Sergey Brin donated $500,000 to Wikipedia week during the company’s annual fundraiser, VentureBeat reported. (Search Engine Watch)

Cool Tools of the Week

cool online tools of the week hammerTor improves your web browsing privacy. This is particularly important for those using public networks. Developed initially for the security of the U.S. Navy, it is now a free tool for anyone seeking to guard their civil liberties online and prevent snooping.

Proliphiq is a social media tool to help you find the most popular and useful contributors to your social media network in a particular area of interest. More than ever, social media users are eager to cut through all the clutter, and this tool helps you find the cream of the crop among users. While it’s still in a limited beta release, you can get an access code from Mashable.