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Google Releases Pages, LinkedIn Opens Groups Stats – Web Weekly

Posted By abod on November 14th, 2011

Google+ Opens Doors to Business Pages

I’ve been waiting with bated breath for what and when Google+ will come up with for its business pages.  They’re now available but haven’t yet taken off.  ReadWriteWeb provides a handy comparison between Facebook and Google+ pages.  Why should you bother?  As Google+ grows, having a business account can provide you with:

  • google plusIncreased exposure, transparency and a more personal connection with customers and potential buyers through video chat Hangouts
  • A way to get recommended through Google Search with a “+1″.
  • More control over your messaging.  As opposed to the Facebook wall on a page, you can send a particular message to select Circles.

I just opened my own Google+ page to check it out. Just as with Facebook, you can choose from a drop-down menu whether you are using G+ as yourself or as a business.  However as an improvement on Facebook’s pages, you can edit your posts and select which groups of fans receive select messages.  I happen to find Facebook’s pages very cumbersome.  But G+ pages will only be useful if they become popular.

In other Google news, the company acquired Katango, a social algorithm that should make organizing connections into Circles more seemless.


Facebook Updates Privacy Policy

face bookAs a result of skirmishes with the Federal Trade Commission, Facebook’s privacy changes are now “opt-out” instead of “opt-in”, reports The Next Web. This means that when Zuckerberg and friends roll out new privacy changes, your account will be by default more secure.  You won’t need to be following all of the myriad updates and constantly updating your account settings in order to keep your shares going to the people your think they are.


Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo to Share Ads

In an attempt to ward of irrelevancy, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo reached an agreement to create a display advertising alliance.  By banding together, they hope to provide a stronger challenge to the dominance of Google and Facebook.  Despite the partnership, each of the companies are vying for their own advertiser signups, Reuters reports.


More Headlines

Take This Lollipop, an interactive video that launched two weeks before Halloween, became fastest growing app ever. This feat is even more amazing when you consider that it wasn’t backed by a major brand or business promotion. (Mashable)

LinkedIn Offers Statistics for Groups, providing a dashboard with drill-down information for Group leaders to optimize their hubs for discussion and information (Mashable)


Cool Tools of the Week:

cool online tools of the week hammerT2 Mood Tracker: This free mobile app, which won the “General Wellness” category of the Apps4Army competition, helps users self-track moods and feelings over a set time period.  The app has implications for military deployment, mental health, and even dieters (mood –> food).

Myxer: This “social radio” music streaming system allows you to find new music and share easily with your friends, create custom ringtones, and more, all for free.  Their media catalog contains over 13 million pieces of free and premium licensed content including music, apps, images, games and video.