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Resources for Free Stock Images

Posted By abod on January 5th, 2012
cant searching for free blog images

Don't delegate your image search - you can do it yourself with these free resources

Sometimes the biggest difficulties in blog writing isn’t the text but rather in finding relevant images to include.  It’s not too often that a blogger has his or her own relevant photographs, so of course, they turn to the internet.  But popping into Google Image Search and using an image before checking the copyright information can cost you a lot of money and trouble down the line.  So aside from screen grabs, generation your own images, or shelling out money for stock photos, try these free resources for stock images.

  1. Flickr Free Use: This is a section of the Flickr database of user generated photos that are copyright free.  Just be careful when using this area of Flickr that you stay within it and don’t accidentally grab an image that is not free use before checking its status.
  2. Image Stock Exchange: This is a pretty well-known free image database, but I haven’t often found that the search results yield images that I can use
  3. MorgueFile Public Image Archive: Probably the resource for free images that I use the most.  It’s also displays results from DreamsTime, which has an even better set of images, but the rights to use cost money
  4. Freerange Stock Images: It’s exactly like what it sounds like
  5. Photogen has a set of high-res image that are great for developers.  Just be sure to check their terms of use, which have some restrictions, like use of the images in website template development.
  6. For Israeli developers and writers targeting the local market, there is a wiki of Israel photos that are free to use without attribution
  7. The Israel Ministry of Tourism offers images that are free to use without attribution
  8. Wikimedia Commons is part of Wikipedia, and all of the images are free to use, but sometimes they ask for attribution – see the details under each image
  9. If all the above is not enough, here is another list of best search engines for free images


Do you know of any great resources for free stock images that I missed? Share below in the comments!

Facebook for Networking and Job Hunting

Posted By abod on January 3rd, 2012

I’ve written a lot about using LinkedIn as a professional networking and lead generation resource. But the wide penetration of Facebook shouldn’t be discounted — it’s the most popular social network after

all. I recently shared an extremely active Facebook group for sharing hi-tech positions in Israel with RYB Technologies, an outsourcing company specializing in hi-tech. This Facebook group is updated multiple times a day and has more than 30,000 members. In other words, it’s a terrific resource for these job placement professionals.

facebook recruitment search results

My Search Results for "Hi Tech"

Miriam Schwartz of RYB Technologies asked me how she can find other groups similar to the one I shared. Once you find a useful Facebook group or page, there are 3 major ways for finding similar groups and pages that can be a resource, whether you’re a recruitment agency, job hunter, or a business trying to generate sales leads.


How to Find Target Facebook Groups and Pages

1) Type in keywords into the search within Facebook and see what comes up. You’ll notice that Facebook starts automatically populating top results. You can also click “See all results” and browse through what it comes up with. So try entering some keywords and see if Facebook will tell you about related groups.

2) Look at which groups or pages a given group or page has listed as a favorite or “liked”. Often times they will list similar groups.

3) Post a question on your status update or within your target groups asking if anyone knows of other resources.

Miriam said that these techniques helped her find more Facebook resources and target markets.

Do you have any other methods for using Facebook as a recruitment tool that should be added to the list? Leave them in the comments section!

Facebook Buys Gowalla – Web Weekly

Posted By abod on December 6th, 2011

Facebook Buys Gowalla – Most of the Gowalla team will be working on Facebook’s new Timeline feature (CNN Money)

Secret Software Logging Cellphone Use Found on Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Phones – Carrier IQ says the data is gathered ” to understand the mobile-user experience” and denies logging user keystrokes. (Wired)

Microsoft Plans to Release Office for the iPad (The Daily)

YouTube Gets a Makeover, Including Facebook, Google+ Integration (HubSpot)

Facebook Status Size Limit Increases Dramatically – A Facebook status can now reach up to 55,000 characters.  Is this an attempt to distinguish itself from Twitter? (ReadWriteWeb)

Google Hangouts Add Free Voice Calls – You can now add someone to your group chat via the phone. Remember those? That means you don’t need a Google account or even a computer to log into the group conversation. (Mashable)

India Asks Google and Facebook to Screen User Content - Well, so much for democracy! (New York Times)

Yahoo Site Explorer Disappears – A favorite tool of SEO noodlers everywhere is rolling into Bing Webmaster Tools (Search Engine Watch)

Syria Bans Use of iPhones - Pretty ironic since Steve Jobs’ biological father is Syrian (The Next Web)

Cane for the Blind Uses Social Media to Aid Navigation – Probably the most useful thing location-based social media has done in a while (The Next Web)

Bonus: Tools Special – Web Weekly

Posted By abod on November 28th, 2011

Not quite as much social media and internet marketing news this week because everyone is busy shopping! So I decided to publish a special edition of the Web Weekly with lots of Cool Tools. Enjoy!

UPDATE, Nov. 28: The Wall Street Journa

l is reporting Facebook is planning to go public between April and June 2012. They expect to raise $10 billion, raising the company’s worth to $100 billion.

More Headlines

iPad Game from Dominoes Lets You Create a Custom Pizza You Can Order: Fun never got this tasty. (Mashable)

Black Friday Breaks Apple Sales Record: Online sales boost Apple; the company website was the fifth most visited online retailer, according to comScore. (Mashable)

Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday Mobile Payments Up 538% (Read Write Web)

Report: Fastest-Growing Language on Twitter is Arabic: Although Arabic accounts for only 1.2% of all public tweets, the growth rate over the past year has been an incredible 2,146% (The Next Web)

The Four Degrees of Facebook: A new study shows that we’re related to each other (at least on Facebook) by only four people.


Cool Tools of the WeekCool Tools of the Week

PoorSquare: Find freebies, all around the world.

Uptake: The best way to get advice on things to do, places to stay, and insider info abroad is to ask the locals. But sometimes you don’t know anyone at your destination or don’t speak the language. Enter Uptake, a source for locals to provide advice about your travel destination.


Cardmunch: Business cards are difficult to organize and easy to lose. Cardmunch not only digitizes the information on every business card you get, it also adds the user as a connection on LinkedIn.

Spartify: Tired of taking turns on the laptop playlist? Allow everyone at your party to create the music playlist at your next event with this app.

Facebook’s Frictionless Sharing Turns Some Users Off – Web Weekly

Posted By abod on November 22nd, 2011

Facebook’s Sneaky Sharing Meets Backlash

Have you noticed updates in your News Feed about what others are reading. Some applications, most notably the Washington Post Social Reader engage in “frictionless sharing,” posting activities, l

ike what news articles you’ve read, or what music you are listening to, without your explicitly deciding to share or “like” that bit of content.

Richard MacManus at ReadWriteWeb interprets this update as a new, improved, pe of sharing, making the case that “Facebook hasn’t ruined sharing, it’s just re-defined it.” Meanwhile, Deena Levenstein at the illuminea blog, explains that this development automates some of the process of sharing, which is convenient, but adds that frictionless sharing also integrates a high degree of “chutzpah”. Not liking the idea of everything you read being broadcast to your Facebook friends? She shows you how to change your settings.

In other Facebook news, you can now call Facebook friends from Skype, reports TheNextWeb.

Google Music Launches

U.S. users can now access Google Music, a service that lets you host up to 20,000 of your songs and stream them to your devices. Additionally, music shared on Google+ can be played by anyone in a user’s circles. Could this be a valuable enough lure to get more users onboard Google+?

More Headlines:

Brin Donates Half Million Dollars to Wikipedia: Google co-founder Sergey Brin donated $500,000 to Wikipedia week during the company’s annual fundraiser, VentureBeat reported. (Search Engine Watch)

Cool Tools of the Week

cool online tools of the week hammerTor improves your web browsing privacy. This is particularly important for those using public networks. Developed initially for the security of the U.S. Navy, it is now a free tool for anyone seeking to guard their civil liberties online and prevent snooping.

Proliphiq is a social media tool to help you find the most popular and useful contributors to your social media network in a particular area of interest. More than ever, social media users are eager to cut through all the clutter, and this tool helps you find the cream of the crop among users. While it’s still in a limited beta release, you can get an access code from Mashable.