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LinkedIn Grows, Internet Explorer Use Shrinks, Google Reader Redesign – Web Weekly

Posted By abod on November 7th, 2011

LinkedIn Releases Glowing Q3 Report

The second most popular social media network is growing by leaps and bounds, so much so that it’s cheapest viagra in uk

.com/digits/2011/11/01/linkedin-doubling-headquarters-space-amid-growth-spurt/?KEYWORDS=linkedin”>doubling its office space at its Mountain View, Calif., headquarters, reports the Wall Street Journal. In its Q3 report, LinkedIn boasted a 60% increase in its user base and a 200% increase in premium membership subscriptions. ReadWriteWeb reports that LinkedIn is focused on capitalizing from matching employers with successful job candidates.

Internet Explorer Usage Drops Below 50%

It boggles the mind how many people use Internet Explorer as their web browser. It’s probably because it’s the default on PCs and people don’t bother to change. But oh how it’s worth the extra few minutes to download Firefox (my fave) or Chrome! After a decade of being the dominant internet browser, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer fell below 50% of web traffic served, reports Mashable.

Web developers will rejoice as old versions of IE, which don’t render fancier web features as well, are finally getting replaced with friendlier browsers by most users.

While its outdated browsing capabilities haven’t been enough to convince most users to switch, the fact that Microsoft’s inability to capitalize on the mobile browsing market has made an impact. Safari is the default browser on iPhones and iPads, which dominate mobile web browsing.

Google Reader Gets Cosmetic Surgery

When a product gets updated, one usually expects more features and user-friendly design. According to most users, that hasn’t been the case for Google Reader’s recent upgrade. The most bemoaned change is that the only way to “Share” is, of course, +1. Check out the comments on just about any blog post covering this change, and you’ll see a lot of griping. A lot of the flack users shared in response to the ReadWriteWeb coverage of Google Reader’s update is all of the valuable real estate given up at the top of the page in the new design and removal of the “Share” feature. While only a small portion of Reader users actually took advantage of the feature of sharing content with other Reader users or leaving notes, they were a loyal group, who are now peeved that their favorite toy has been taken away.

One of the best points was made by internet marketing consultant Tamar Weinberg on Google+: “New Google Reader redesign couldn’t give the real number of unread articles? If there would have been one change I’d have appreciated, it would have been seeing ’1230′ unread articles rather than ’1000+’”

And that’s not the only Google product to undergo some cosmetic features. GMail also unleashed some new features and a new design, which I wrote about in last week’s Web Weekly.

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Cool Tools of the Week

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