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Posted By abod on June 24th, 2011

A few days ago, I wrote a review of Zerply, a new social network for making business connections. One of the founders quickly picked up o

n it and responded to me, addressing some of the problems I had with the site.

First of all, kudos to Christopher Karltorp of Zerply for being really responsive to what is said about his product, both the good and the bad. Within 24 hours of publishing my post, I received a friendly e-mail.

I promised to post an update with the additional info I found out about using Zerply. Here it goes:
      1. The character limit when importing text is a flaw they are aware of (unclear if they were before I pointed it out) and something they intend to fix immediately.
      2. Re: Finding other users – Christopher said: “I think you might have missed the search feature up in the righthand corner (which proves that we need to make it more visible :) Say for instance that you want to find all the users tagged as designers in Jerusalem. The easiest way to do it is to add a bunch of queries (location, tags, schools, experience etc) – like this: http://cl.ly/7mmY “I tried checking that out. Here is a view of the top of the page:
        top of zeprly page
      3. It is still unclear how to use this, as I can’t add tags into the field.When I look at the righthand corner of my page, all I see is: corner of zerply page
      4. Zerply plans to release a quick and simple communication platform for communicating with other users in the next month or so. (Right now you can only save users to your address book).
      5. Rolling out groups is under consideration.

It seems like some kinks are still getting worked out. I expect that as more and more job networking happens online non-executive types will find their way to Zerply. The biggest trick will be getting the word out to non-techies.

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