Web Weekly: Happy 20th Birthday to the Internet!, Skype (finally) Releases iPad App, More

Posted By abod on August 7th, 2011

Happy Birthday, Internet!

We wouldn’t all be here without it, so let’s celebrate the 20th birthday of the Internet, which was officially on August 6, when Tim Berners-Lee posted a summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgr


Did you know that alternate names for the World Wide Web being considered in its infancy were “The Mine of Information” and “The Information Mesh”? I think we all can agree that “www” works better! (The Next Web)


Google+ Grows

Google+ has signed up 13% of U.S. adults so far and could hit 22%, in a year, according to a new poll by Bloomberg and YouGov of 1,003 U.S. adults from July 29 to August 2. Among people who use both Facebook and Google +, 30% say they plan to cut the time they spend on Facebook. However, 31% of Google+ users say they’ve abandoned their Google+ accounts or never posted anything on them. Twitter and LinkedIn are expected to continue to grow.

In other news, inviting your friends to Google+ just got easier. The new links feature will appear as another option in the “invite friends” section in Google+, allowing users to e-mail the invite link, IM it to friends, or pass it around on social networks. Since Google+ is still in field testing, users are limited to 150 invites.


Google Doodles

In commemoration of what would have been the late Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday, Google rolled out an interactive Google Doodle, allowing users to view seven of the most memorable clips from the hit show I Love Lucy.

Here’s a lineup from Mashable of some of the most fun, interesting, and famous Google Doodles in the search engine’s 13 years.


LinkedIn Earnings Announcement and New App

The business social networking platform LinkedIn posted its stellar second quarter earnings for 2011. Some highlights:

  • Membership grew to 115.8 million, an increase of 61% from the second quarter of 2010
  • Unique visitors of 81.8 million per month, an increase of 83% from the second quarter of 2010
  • Page views of 7.1 billion, an increase of 80% from the second quarter of 2010

LinkedIn also just released an application that allows candidates to apply for jobs through their LinkedIn profile.


Skype Comes to iPad

Nothing makes me feel more like I’m starring in The Jetson’s than when I stare at a slick, ultra-thin tablet and communicate with people halfway around the world.

While it takes advantage of the iPad 2′s dual cameras, allows for SMS, works on both WiFi and 3G networks, and hey, it’s free, some users reported a difficult interface. Perhaps the most notable thing about the app is that following months of anticipation, Skype removed it from the App Store shortly after an August 2 release, explaining in a tweet that it “went live prematurely”. It was released for good the following day.




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