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Web Weekly: Social Media Keeps Growing, Jobs Steps Down, Group Coupons on Decline

Posted By abod on August 28th, 2011

Social Media Growth Keeps Pace

If you think social media is just for teenagers bored in class, you are wroooong, my friend. A Pew Internet survey released on Friday showed that viagra online uk

azine” href=”,2817,2391975,00.asp%20-%20More%20than%20half%20Americans%20on%20social%20media”>65% of adults online say they use a social networking site like MySpace, Facebook or LinkedIn. This number represents half of all American adults. The biggest growth was among middle-aged baby boomers, ages 50-64, whose social networking site usage on a typical day grew 60% (from 20% to 32%).


steve jobs shows off the macbook airSteve Jobs Resigns as Apple CEO

It’s unlikely that you’ve read it here first. Steve Jobs, who changed how we listen to music (iPod), display media (iPad), and expect computers to look (iMac) stepped down as the CEO of Apple, which grew from so much more than the producer of Macintosh computers to an entire media empire. For lifelong Apple product users like me, it’s the end of an era. But I expect the company to keep growing and innovating. I still wish I bought Apple stock 10 years ago.

Probably the most popular Steve Jobs presentation was outside of Apple — his 2005 commencement address at Stanford University. Here is a presentation of 10 iconic Steve Jobs moments in video.


Google+ Ignore Feature Enables Social Media Etiquette Without Going Crazy

I recently ran into someone I hadn’t seen in a few years and found out that she had just moved to Israel. “Oh, aren’t we friends on Facebook”? I asked, recalling that I hadn’t seen a post from her in a long time. “You defriended me” she said, definitively. Awkward!

I don’t remember why I might have done that, but let’s say there is someone you don’t want to be getting reports from all the time. Unlike “defriending” or “deplusing”(?) someone, Google+ now lets you ignore people. Much sneakier!


Group Coupons on the Decline?

I’ve heard from businesses participating in deals like Groupon that they dealt deep discounts to hundreds of people and disappointingly did not receive repeat customers in return. I often wondered if such deals benefit any participating businesses in the long run.

For a while, Groupon and several localized spinoffs were proliferating all over the web. But a favorite local group coupon site GroopBuy mysteriously shut down toward the end of July. Now Search Engine Land is reporting that Facebook’s Social Deals is shutting down after only four months.

Have you run a successful group coupon campaign?


Hurricane Irene Tweeting Up a Storm (ha!)

Hurricane Irene is now on Twitter @ireneThe hurricane traveling up the U.S. eastern seaboard en route to New York City has a name similar to mine, which is a bit disarming. I guess the Twitter username @irene hadn’t been registered until now, because if you follow @irene, you’ll get live updates from the storm — sometimes serious, sometimes snarky.


LinkedIn Tips for Job Hunters and Networkers

The Huffington Post published “13 Tips for Job Hunting on LinkedIn” with great visuals. I think it’s misnamed though. The tips are great for anyone looking to get more out of the social network.

Is it just me though, or is the Huffington Post getting a little too button happy? Sometimes I can’t find the article on the page :) I tried leaving a comment on this post, and despite logging in through Twitter and Facebook, I kept getting a jQuery pop up to receive their newsletter and. I couldn’t proceed on to leaving a comment. Sometimes you just want simple functionality


Great Expectations for Google+ Brand Accounts

One of the biggest things distinguishing the social network newcomer from its peers at Facebook and Twitter is that businesses aren’t allowed accounts (yet), but Google confirmed that business accounts are in the works. Mashable posted a wish list of features that social media account managers said they’d like or expect to see in a brand account. Some of the most innovative were:

  • Hosting scheduled Hangouts with high-level employees like CEOs and CTOs to talk about company and industry developments (I’d only expect this from businesses that are already heavily invested in social media)
  • Releasing an API so that software developers can customize new products
  • Integration of Google Places, tapping into the trend of location-based social media

What would you like to see from a Google+ brand account?


Twitter Launches User Photo Galleries

Expanding upon the release of direct photo uploads to the Twitter interface last week, Twitter is now rolling out photo galleries, reports Search Engine Land. This feature is designed to make searching images shared on Twitter a lot easier. I’m surprised that Twitter is making all of these changes to its interface given that most serious users use a third-party client such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or a mobile app. But tools like an effective photo search can bring people back to Twitter.


Cool Tools of the Week:

  • Prey: This free software keeps track of your phone (sorry no iPhones) or laptop at all times and will help you find it if it ever gets lost or stolen. Various paid Pro versions let you exceed the 3 device limit. (Hat tip: Mashable)
  • cool online tools of the week hammerPlusSync: This extension for the Chrome browser allows you to simultaneously post on:
    • Google+
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • MySpace
    • Digg
    • Plurk
    • Sina

    (Hat tip: Search Engine Land)

  • Hurricane Trackers: Thanks to Mashable again, this time for a list of online tools, so you can pretend like you have some control over Mother Nature

Web Weekly: LinkedIn Mobile App, State of the Word, Cool Tools

Posted By abod on August 22nd, 2011

Google+ Launches Verified Accounts

Some people are so popular that duplicate or false accounts might be set up in their name. To be sure that by following someone like buy cialis low price

m/#!/JUSTINBIEBER”>@justinbieber, you’re actually getting the teen pop star’s account, Twitter set up verified accounts, a little badge that appears on approved profiles.

Now Google+ is doing the same thing to verify authenticity for some of its most popular users. The criteria are not exactly clear. (Hat tip to Search Engine Land)


LinkedIn Launches New Mobile Apps

If you’re as big of a LinkedIn fan as I am, you want it with you everywhere you go. That’s why I was thrilled to find out that LinkedIn improved their mobile apps by leaps and bounds in a new version. This also includes HTML5 mobile capabilities. I wrote up a full blog post about the new LinkedIn app functionality earlier this week.

new linkedin mobile app screen shot

You can provide the LinkedIn mobile team with direct feedback and stay on top of new developments by joining the LinkedIn mobile group.


WordPress founder matt mullenweg | Ilene Rosenblum's Online Content blogWord to… WordPress!

WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg delivered his State of the Word 2011 address this week in San Francisco, reporting that an incredible 22 out of every 100 new active domains in the US are running WordPress. Even more unbelievable to folks like me is that 6,800 self-employed survey respondents were responsible for over 170,000 sites.

View the speech on the


Cool Tools of the Week

  • Anthologize allows WordPress users to drag and drop content from their blogs and websites into a template for creating an e-book. (Hat tip to @miriamschwab from illuminea.)
  • AdWords Express, a recent rebranding of Google Boost, is a simplified version of regular Google AdWords designed for small businesses targeting a local market. Business owners reap the benefits of a targeted online ad campaign, without having to stress over all of the management that a full-fledged AdWords campaign can require to run successfully.
  • Google Maps now has a weather layer to show you the realtime conditions wherever you are looking to go.


Coming Soon to a Search Engine Near You

Another reason to optimize your site for SEO and to get out there as many ways as you can: Videos, local listings, social media networks, +1s, and Google Places — Google Launches “Google Related“, designed to create a “contextual search” experience. The idea is that searchers will be able to find ANYTHING related to what they’re searching for, thus providing them with a fuller result.

I haven’t seen it on my search results page yet, but the Hubspot Inbound Marketing blog explains how it’s supposed to work.


Have a great week!

New LinkedIn Mobile Apps – Networking on the Go

Posted By abod on August 18th, 2011

I frequently sing the praises of LinkedIn for its ability to drive targeted traffic to blogs and websites, finding networking and job opportunities, and staying on top of industry news. But I had been disappointed with the iPhone app. Where could I

generic cialis

check in on my groups? And the button titles weren’t clear. In the end, I didn’t find it all that useful.

So I was really excited to hear from Hillel Fuld at the appboy blog that LinkedIn totally revamped their app for iPhone, Android and launched HTML5 for mobile (sorry Blackberry users). It’s now arguably one of the mostly seamlessly designed apps out there, at least in its class. Tomio Geron in the Forbes Social Markets blog reports that the new apps are two to ten times faster than the old ones.

new linkedin mobile app screen shot

I spent an hour this morning playing around with it, and as promised, it is super fast. There are 4 simple buttons, a slick design interface, and logical groupings: for instance, scan updates from LinkedIn Today and your connections in one place, invitations & personal messages in another. It’s not so logical to place Groups & People You Might Know in the same place, and that tab looks like it leaves more functionality to come, but it’s not a big problem as far as I’m concerned.

What else is in the works? LinkedIn also recently bought CardMunch, a business cards scanning application that enters new contacts on your phone. I admittedly enter contact info from business cards and then toss them. This feature could be a real time saver!

LinkedIn announced earlier this month in their first public earnings report that mobile page views have increased 400 percent compared to last year, and they’re wise to capitalize on this growing market.

Using LinkedIn to Get Quality Answers

Posted By abod on August 10th, 2011

I recently picked some of the brains of local techies at a Tweetup (gathering for Twitter users) about how to go about making some things happen on the website of what was then a client. I was amazed at all of the helpful advice that I got. All you

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have to do is ask!

Say you want to know how to do something new and fancy on your website, your Facebook page, or you just want to figure out how the heck to use Twitter. All you have to do of course is type in your question to Google and the first page is likely to send you to message boards and sites like, Yahoo Answers, WikiAnswers, and other crowd sourcing sites that helpful anonymous people on the ‘net participate in. It’s no replacement for consulting an expert, and in the end, you might still want to get professional assistance, but if you have a few different people from different sources telling you the same thing, at least you have a somewhat educated place to start.

If you want to try to target a more specific answer, here is a helpful list from Lifehacker of other ways to find answers online besides Google. Some of them are well-known like Twitter (but did you know how to crowd source on it?) and others are more obscure, yet effective, like Aardvark.


Crowdsourcing on LinkedIn

I’m getting more and more as a return on investment of time on LinkedIn, sometimes by answering questions. This time, I decided to take a crack at doing the asking.

I got stuck trying to figure out how to best manage a client’s Google AdWords campaign. I did some research on my favorite marketing blogs, but I couldn’t find a good model to follow for my target industry specifically. It was time to ask a real human, and one of the great things about LinkedIn is that the response is tied to a whole profile, unlike an anonymous poster on a site like WikiAnswers.

Since I have a lot of connections on LinkedIn who are internet marketing experts, I submitted a question, sending it to my connections, and the wider internet marketing audience. Within one hour I had two great answers, and within a few more hours I had six answers from industry experts with years of experience. Not only did they impart helpful advice, they also built off of each other’s suggestions, because I wasn’t asking in isolation, but rather, as part of a forum.

I could have also posted the question on my profile in a status update or in an industry group. There are lots of ways to ask questions and receive support on LinkedIn.

At first I was reluctant to post my question. Maybe others would think I’m an amateur, I thought. But then I just chilled out. You don’t get help until you ask, and if you don’t have an opportunity to learn, then you make one. It’s my duty to find the best solution for my client, pride be damned.

I took the suggestions that I received from professionals I had never met before, applied it to articles and blog posts that I read, and came up with a plan of action that I sent to my client the following day. I went from zero to hero with a little help from my new friends. As an added bonus, one of the people I connected with and I realized that we might be able to develop a working partnership! You never know where a new contact can take you.


How to Ask a Question on LinkedIn

Target millions of professionals on how to get something done! Here is a short video I made on how to ask a question on LinkedIn:

Your Turn to Answer!

I encourage you to demonstrate your knowledge in your area of expertise by answering some questions and give back to the community. Aside from the good karma of helping someone else out – how would you like it if no one answered your question? – helping out someone else, particularly someone in a related industry, is a great way to get your name and brand out there. Where appropriate, it can also open up opportunities for pitches.

Web Weekly: Happy 20th Birthday to the Internet!, Skype (finally) Releases iPad App, More

Posted By abod on August 7th, 2011

Happy Birthday, Internet!

We wouldn’t all be here without it, so let’s celebrate the 20th birthday of the Internet, which was officially on August 6, when Tim Berners-Lee posted a summary of the project on the alt.hypertext newsgr

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Did you know that alternate names for the World Wide Web being considered in its infancy were “The Mine of Information” and “The Information Mesh”? I think we all can agree that “www” works better! (The Next Web)


Google+ Grows

Google+ has signed up 13% of U.S. adults so far and could hit 22%, in a year, according to a new poll by Bloomberg and YouGov of 1,003 U.S. adults from July 29 to August 2. Among people who use both Facebook and Google +, 30% say they plan to cut the time they spend on Facebook. However, 31% of Google+ users say they’ve abandoned their Google+ accounts or never posted anything on them. Twitter and LinkedIn are expected to continue to grow.

In other news, inviting your friends to Google+ just got easier. The new links feature will appear as another option in the “invite friends” section in Google+, allowing users to e-mail the invite link, IM it to friends, or pass it around on social networks. Since Google+ is still in field testing, users are limited to 150 invites.


Google Doodles

In commemoration of what would have been the late Lucille Ball’s 100th birthday, Google rolled out an interactive Google Doodle, allowing users to view seven of the most memorable clips from the hit show I Love Lucy.

Here’s a lineup from Mashable of some of the most fun, interesting, and famous Google Doodles in the search engine’s 13 years.


LinkedIn Earnings Announcement and New App

The business social networking platform LinkedIn posted its stellar second quarter earnings for 2011. Some highlights:

  • Membership grew to 115.8 million, an increase of 61% from the second quarter of 2010
  • Unique visitors of 81.8 million per month, an increase of 83% from the second quarter of 2010
  • Page views of 7.1 billion, an increase of 80% from the second quarter of 2010

LinkedIn also just released an application that allows candidates to apply for jobs through their LinkedIn profile.


Skype Comes to iPad

Nothing makes me feel more like I’m starring in The Jetson’s than when I stare at a slick, ultra-thin tablet and communicate with people halfway around the world.

While it takes advantage of the iPad 2′s dual cameras, allows for SMS, works on both WiFi and 3G networks, and hey, it’s free, some users reported a difficult interface. Perhaps the most notable thing about the app is that following months of anticipation, Skype removed it from the App Store shortly after an August 2 release, explaining in a tweet that it “went live prematurely”. It was released for good the following day.