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Content Writing That Gets Clients Front Page Coverage

Posted By abod on June 28th, 2011

While my focus is on website content, it’s important not to forget the significance of industry trade journals, in print and online marketing efforts.

I recently wrote an article about a new condominium project in downtown Albany, NY, constructed

by The Rosenblum Companies (full disclosure: family business) for the New York State Real Estate Journal, the largest weekly commercial investment real estate newspaper in the state. This week, 17 Chapel luxury condominiums is the front page story.

Sure, it’s unlikely that a potential customer is going to see this article, but successful marketing and advertising is about seeing the big picture. By keeping other real estate professionals updated about developments at 17 Chapel, the chanace of a referral increases. Additionally, we’ve generated a lot of buzz that has converted into coverage in local newspapers and blogs that potential customers do read.